USA Visas & its Immigration Procedures

Assalamu Alaikum, how are all of you? In this subject, the country I might want to discuss is the USA, which each individual on the planet needs to visit.
There are in excess of 50 classifications of visas inside the US and many individuals don’t actually know which classification they are qualified for.
Consistently a great many individuals from everywhere the world apply and don’t know which classification is reasonable for themselves as well as their visa gets dismissed and they squander their visa expense.

So in this content we will tell you in detail which are 35 to 40 categories for which category you are eligible.

So let me tell you in which category we can apply and what are those categories.


So Category A is for diplomats, if you are a politician, a member of the National Assembly, a senator or you belong to any

political party which is in power, then you can apply for this visa, any political party. If you belong to Jamaat, you can apply for this visa and go to Basani


The second category is the A-2 visa which is cleared by military persons if you are in the Army, Navy or Air Force or are going to the US for a training program, then you can easily get an A-2 VISA.

B-1, B-2 VISA

B-1 Visa is for tourism if you want to go to USA for sightseeing or traveling then you will apply for B-1 visa. B-2 visa is for businessmen and sick people if you are a businessman So you will apply for B2 visa or if you want to get treatment or go to USA for treatment then you will also apply for B2 visa.


C visa is called transit visa if you want to enter from USA and go to another country then you will apply for C visa and very few people apply for this transit visa then C visa is transit visa.


D visa is cleared for Crew members in which air hostesses pilots etc can apply .


The next category is G1 to G5 category if you are in United Nations World Bank or NATO then you can apply for this category these are G1 to G5.


J Visa is for exchange Scholars.

You can get full bids, You can get Aizenhauer fellowshipon J Visa.For any state funded Program you can get J-Visa


This Visa is for extraordinary abilities also called Einstien visa.This is dual intent Visa non immigrant visa and you can convert into immigrant visa.

If you have written book, you have PHD , you have reserach papers you can apply for O1 Visa.Also athlete can apply for this visa that will be called O2 visa and there families for O3 Visa.


Q visa is cultural visa ,if you are Cultural singer or you belongs to Cultural activitiy you can apply for this position


L Visa is intra company transfer visa.

In L visa if you work in microsoft work in emirates or work in amazon dubai then if this company is based in usa then you can go and work there and also for your wife.

You can apply for a visa and your wife can also go and work in America and then you can later apply for green card and become a greencard holder there.


If you have Bachelours and five years of experience and you are

App Developer

Work on Block Chain

Youtube Content Creator

Data Science

Aritificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing

If you have these experiences then you can apply fotmr NIW Visa.


If you work in any news channel, if you are a reporter or you work in any news Paper, then you can come to America on your i visa.


The P visa is for professional artists, if you are an artist, comedian, actor, entertainer, then you can also apply for a visa and come to America and entertain people.


R visa is for religious workers if you are a religious worker or you want to do preaching work or you work with any religious organization or you work in a seminary or teach then you are one. You can apply for a visa and serve in the US.


H1B visa is an employer-based visa, in which the applicant applies for a job somewhere and the employer calls up, in which you can also call your family and work in Us.

The H1B visa period starts in December and ends in March.


There are more them 1000 Community Colleges.More then 5000 majors done there.The Fee is 3000 to 4000 per Semester.

Students are allowed to work for 20 Hours.

You Can apply for Masters on F1 Visa.


M VISA is for vocational Trainings.

If you want to some shorts courses then you can come on M Visa.


This is agriclutural based Visa.This Visa is for temporary agricultural Worker.If you have experience in agriculture field then this is golden oppurtunity for you.


This Visa is for Unskilled workers.If your are plumber, Cleaner,electrician etc then you can apply for H2B Visa.


In this Visa if you want to take any professional Training then you can come for 3 month, 6 month or for a year o  this training.


In this visa, if you run any small business in your country, if you have a tuck shop, if you have a mobile shop or if you have a small restaurant, and you have 50 thousand dollars in your account and you this to Americans that I want to take this money and do business in your country, so you can get this visa and you will not get a green card on this visa. Yes, you can bring your family on this visa. and can do their business by staying there

This Visa is valid only for pakistanis not for indians.

U and T VISA

If you are a victim of criminal avtivity.Someone want to shot you or they kill your brother or sister or family enmity caught for smuggling then you can apply for U visa.

In T visa you can come on human traficking or someone sell you directly you are in danger then you can come on T visa.

V and K3, K1 VISA

V Visa is non immigrant visa.LPR spouses can take this visa.K3 visa is for spouse.K1 is for fiance


IR3 IR4 Visa is an Adoption Visa If you are a US citizen and adopt a child from Pakistan or anywhere else, you can bring it to US on IR3 and IR4 visa.

 There are other multiple Visa options on which you can apply for that are

F2A Visa

F2BA Visa

SQ Visa

SIA Visa

DV Visa

SB Visa

TN1 Visa

So these were some of the categories that I explained to you. The purpose of creating my content was to open some minds of you people and move forward in life and work hard and support yourself and your family. Thank you very much and Allah Hafiz.

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