Social business visionary sentenced for a situation his allies contend is politically inspired

Eminent Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, matured 83, has been condemned to a half year in jail for supposed infringement of work regulations in Bangladesh, as per examiners.

Yunus, alongside three Grameen Telecom representatives, was sentenced on Monday for a situation his allies contend is politically roused.

Known for his weighty work with Grameen Bank, which acquired him the 2006 Nobel Harmony Prize, Yunus and his foundation have been instrumental in lightening destitution through microcredit.

Bangladesh Top state leader Sheik Hasina recently blamed Yunus for “sucking blood from poor people,” while allies declare that the charges mean to ruin him because of his past thought of laying out an ideological group to match Hasina’s Awami Association.

Notwithstanding the conviction, the court conceded bail to Yunus and the co-blamed, permitting them one month to document an allure against the decision.

Khaja Tanvir, one of Yunus’ legal counselors, marked the case as politically propelled badgering, repeating concerns raised by common liberties bunches about the public authority’s claimed focusing of political contradiction as the nation moves toward a pivotal political decision on January 7.

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